Glamour Photography and Make-up

Published: 09th March 2010
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Many people are of the notion that glamour modelling is all about make up and clothes. Some others think about it connecting with nudity or titillation. Still some others consider it as a style of lighting embedded in photography. Anyway, these things have got some basis, but miss the mark, if viewed in detail. We shall take a look at another genre of photography that is closely related but separated from glamour and obscenity. It is called fashion photography. Fashion photography is said to be all about the clothes models wear. Even though it seems to be something about skinny models, it is mostly about the clothes. Some might say that fashion models are compared to just cloth hangers. And, probably many of them also look like cloth hangers.

One of the benefits of being a glamour model rather than a fashion model is that the image is all about the model, not clothes. Glamour models are not usually found to be as thin as fashion models; and many of them go for surgical enhancements also. If the model happens to be the main focus of the glamour image, some other things can conjure up an image of glamour. Make up is a factor that is generally heavier, and brings more prominence to the eyes as well as the lips. Colours used in the process are found to be warmer and bolder than standard makeup styles; and eyes may look smoky.

A stereotype of a glamour model will sport a tanned skin and blonde hair. There are many famous models out there that have pale skin colour and black hair. The point emphasised here is the sexiness of the posing model, and not her skin colour. Sexiness is not all about turning men on; it is about the unique attraction potential. When a woman is dressed in some sexy outfit, one cannot say that she necessarily wants to have sex with the person she is focusing on. Rather, it could be that she only wants to make them interested in her body and looks.

So, in the field of modelling, these women may show some skin, but that is not at all the deciding factor. As a matter of fact, it will seem generally sexier if someone covers some things up, rather than showing everything. One may tip or tilt the zigzag position in many directions if one can figure out what all things can support the body in that particular position. Even in nude glamour photo sessions and photography, they would like to keep some degree of mystery.

Lastly, we will talk about lighting. In general glamour photography settings are thought of as being having a very warmly lit ambience. By warm lighting, we mean that it has a gold, yellow or orange tint instilled into it. When teaching glamour photography, the teachers use Amber gel and it is of a specific shade; and generally, it works great.
You can do glamour photography sessions with most types of lighting. People have been making use of natural light and tinted blue light also.

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