Posing Techniques in Fashion

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Published: 09th March 2010
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While a person takes snaps of fashion glamour models, the zigzag body-line can be found in sitting and kneeling positions. This zigzag changes can change from any point of support that is being used. The supported figure makes use of different body parts to balance its weight upon a safe and sound object. It can be floor, a chair, walls or some props, and it would be for a fleeting or sometimes, even for an indefinite period of time. The allocation of weight to various points limits the duration of a pose of a fashion model.

If it happens to be an unsupported figure it will have no apparent means of support along with it. It could be in the process of leaving or reaching at a source of help, but at that particular instant, the picture would be taken as if it was in a state of isolation. If the support is not shown or used, its very presence has to be felt by the onlooker. The viewer will be looking for a greater understanding and must witness or sense the point of support. The body surfaces that are of two types support its weight for a brief period of time. Bones in the body creates the hard surfaces and they will help maintain their shapes under pressure. At that time, flesh or muscle will make the softer surfaces that adapts in different degrees to the article on which they remain.

The points of support mentioned above can become points of departure as well. They have got the ability to make your zigzag positions dissimilar and unique. We shall examine some of the commonly used points of support and their variations as well.
The seat is considered the most natural point of support for the human body. However, it does not impose any limit on its various possibilities for introducing changes of any sort when taking pictures of fashion glamour models. While one is in the process of devising poses it is easy for one to get off the beaten path. This is attained by arranging different combinations of zigzag positions with the body poised on the hip angle.

In order to achieve the maximum variations in photos use the method of count down before you click. Some particular views will change the outline of the human body as it turns to the front, side, or back. The arms also will vary the basic silhouettes of the photos with their placement. One's shoulders and hips will affect and bring about subtle changes in body proportion and meaning. The different views will change the outline of the figure in a significant manner; back and full back views can also be made possible. The model's arms may be used to make longer the line of the body and to support the legs. It may also be used to form patterns with the lines of the body or to even to depict a feeling of satisfaction or pleasure in a particular position.

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